Thursday, 20 January 2022

FOR SALE January 2022


The time has come for us to finally admit defeat and Teal is now seriously for sale.
She is currently sitting indoors on her own trailer and has been on the hard for 3 yrs now but is tight as 
a drum. There is work to be done, I made a few youtube videos about fitting a new deck this time last year but after I had the deck sealed up work stopped again. Here is the link to the videos.
I have yet to sheath it but have everything to do the job.
She does not have a replacement engine yet but a Petter AC2WM would drop straight in.
She can easily be sailing in perfect condition for this season and I am offering her a few different ways.
- As is, Where is at a fraction of what shes worth to the right person
- Or a deal can be made where she is put back to full sailing condition without an engine
- Or provide and engine of your choice and we'll fit it.

Failing this I will continue to try and find time to put her back on the water this year myself  and list her for sale later. Everything else you ever needed to know about her is on here.
If you have any interest please get in touch. I can also offer use of my Baltimore mooring for this Summer. 
Thank you.