Tuesday 27 December 2011

" Do ye want to make a right job of her "

So first job we done was packed up all the rigging and loose gear, brought it
home and put it away. Next up was to rip out all the fixtures, Bunks, sea toilet
etc and give it a proper inspection,
On doing that Liam stuck his head in for a look and on seeing all her doubled and
frankly quite messy looking frames in her rear quarters asked if we want to make
a right job of it, to which we nodded a "yes" . There goes sailing in 2012.
So whats on the agenda now.
Well with it being Christmas there is not a lot happening at the moment but I did
go down on Christmas eve and done some measuring and documenting of things,
She has 22 sawn frames made up of two futtocks with a butt joint and a doubler,
9 of the lower futtocks are soft or split, we may end up changing all of the lower
futtocks if we decide it would be worth while.
Between each set of sawn frames there are two steamed ones, 40 in all, 10 of these
have doublers and will have to be removed and replaced with new.
The first job and this is a big one, The keel needs replacing. Liam has already
condemned the bow knee because someone has cut the bolt heads off and a notch
has been taken out to accommodate a shorter Keelbolt , We also need to take the
ballast off to replace the bolts through the floors so they will also be out of the way,
Then we will have to see what condition the deadwoods are in and hopefully just
replace the bolts through them but thats probably wishful thinking.
The sternpost and transome I will look at when the keel is done.
So yes we're going down the rebuild route, We hadn't ruled that out anyway and
at the end of the day we feel the boat is well worth saving.
The next thing I'll do is remove the garboards and get a proper look at the keel,
We also need to get the ballast off so we can get her covered up and remove the
cockpit. I can't wait :D

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