Wednesday 1 February 2012

Some Progress

So we got down as planned on Tuesday morning and despite the forecast for
imminent rain it actually stayed dry. The boat had already been moved so we
got on with shoring her up.
The keelbolts opened without any hassle bar one which we had to chisel into
the keel and cut off with the saber saw, The aft keelbolt which was hidded
under a metal plate had apparently been replaced with a wooden dowel, not
We lowered off the ballast without much hassle and left it aside. I went back
down today and finished shoring her up so we should be able to jack her
up and remove the blocks under the keel when we're ready to slide it out
and just block it back up with a 9x3  in place of the keel to carry the load.
Also I finally got hold of a camera so heres some pics of this and that.

1 1/4 ton of cast iron

Not much good there

The bow knee was very weak and brittle
Wooden keel bolt !!!!!!!!

All striped out

All shored up and a bit of primer on the bare wood

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