Saturday 8 September 2012

Stem fitted

Just back after getting the stem bolted in place, I had all the curved faces
matching up lovely in the shed but once the apron went in it just wouldn't
match up anymore so I had  to do a fare bit of messing about to get it all
matching up again and make the scarf joints close.
Its all bolted up with treaded bar for now until I get hold of the galvanised
bolts and recess the heads.
The only big piece of oak left to cut now is the bowknee, I made one ages
ago but the apron is different now so I'll make another.
Then its just the last few frames, bolt down the last two floors and the
ballast can be refitted.

It will need final shaping but thats a finishing job, best left to shrink now

Transom frame. Note all the steamed frames, It will be a huge improvement when they are all gone

Teal has an outline again, Its the first time I've seen her with a proper stem

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