Sunday 18 November 2012

New arrival

Well last week turned out to be pretty hectic, Wednesday saw the arrival of
our little baby girl and Thursday morning Providence headed off round the
Mizen and up the South West Coast to her new home port.
Thankfully Liam helped with the latter and left me free for more important duties.
Anyway all is well and once everything settles back down and I get some free
time again I will press on with work on Teal.
I hope to finish the tent asap so at least she will be covered over and then do
a few bits and pieces at home, such as the rudder and skylight.
I also need to clean up the garboards and take them back to the boatyard and
start saving up to buy timber for planking.
All in good time I guess.

Re-antifouled and ready to launch


  1. Hi, congrats on your new arrival. I have Maripasu, 22' FQPunt sitting in my yard in Lisheen area, worse condition than Teal but I have lots of bits and pieces, rudder etc here if you want to compare notes. I'll try and pop down to Hegarty's some day and see your great work. JW

  2. Hi, Thank you, I had read a post by Tiernan Roe saying there was another quay punt lying in West Cork and had wondered about it. There is a good collection of them locally with yours, mine and Liam's. Would love to see her some time. I'm looking forward to getting Teals planking done and moving on to the cosmetic stuff. For all the work that gone in she still looks worse then when we bought her although much much stronger.