Wednesday 21 August 2013

Painting & varnishing

I made up the cabin top trim yesterday and little base plates for all the deck fittings and the
steel brackets for bolting the bridge deck to the beamshelf.
Today I fitted the trims, and gave the coachroof its first topcoat, the canvas turned out fine.
I rubbed down the cockpit coamings and coachroof sides and gave the whole lot another coat
of clear. 
Put two coats of varnish on all the base plates and a coat on the cabin top beams and put a coat
of metal paint on the brackets so they can be fitted the next day.
The engine heads and cylinder barrels have been handed in to have them honed and the heads
skimmed so they should be ready early in the week.
I need to get the sheeting for the cockpit this week so I can press on with that aswell. 
The scarfs are all marked for Teals mast but I had to stop cutting them because my circular saw
desperately needs a new blade and it was proving impossible.

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