Sunday 14 September 2014

Late Season Sailing

So its been a fantastic Summer, I didn't get to sail quite as far away as I had hoped but I certainly won't complain. August has been a busy month with work and the lead up to last week. So I'm now a married man, BUT I have some brownie points which will be used for sailing. So I'm waiting for a break in the the weather to make my move. I won't get too far but the plan is to head West again and maybe visit some of the Islands and after that I may head back up the river for the Winter depending on the forecast, My insurance allows me to stay afloat until the end of October but it is always struggle to make the move from Union Hall to Baltimore at that time of year and usually by then we have weathered at least one gale on the mooring.

Here's a little video of sailing Castle Island channel earlier in the Summer, The sails look pretty bad in it it but we have since tackled the head sails with a weak oxalic acid mix which brought them up really well, So good in fact that some might avoid replacing. It removed the rust stains very easily

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