Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Family overnight

Finally got a chance to do something similar to a trip on the boat. We took the skiff to Unionhall then motored Teal to Glandore for dinner, after some exploring with the skiff we headed out for some mackerel fishing, Thankfully didn't catch any because I don't really want fish all over Teal. Once I had dropped Jess and the kids ashore this morning I had a day to myself to do a little sailing.
It was very very calm today but I did manage to tack all the way out before the wind up and left all together. It filled back in after a while by which time I had the topsail and big jib put on and I actually had a great day out. Even if I only covered about six miles in as many hours.
I don't mind leisurely days out. As great as it is that I get to work out there all the time my passengers probably wouldn't appreciate moving at the speed of tide, with the skipper staring into the abyss and watching stuff float by.

Watching a 


Now this is June in my head, Out in the bay at 10pm prating about in a rowing boat

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