Friday 3 July 2015

So after all that I took the battery back down and still not a gug. I then realised that the wire to the kill switch had pulled off of the battery terminal so there never was a dead battery.

I'm annoyed that I am doing so little sailing so far this year but to be quite honest this Summer has been absolute shite, It is pouring rain right now and there is a warning of fairly severe thunder storms tonight following what has been the best part of a South-easterly gale today. The next week doesn't look like much of a gem either so really I am just going to hold my breath and not worry about it too much until after the Glandore Classic in two weeks time. Following that Teal need not be in Glandore so if the weather co-operates we might hopefully get somewhere.
To ad to that Ken will hopefully have a bit more free time and I'm hoping to have my house plastered so I can leave it to dry out for a month or so.

Here's one of Teal on a much more pleasant day. Photo courtesy of Tim Cooke

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