Thursday 2 June 2016

Great start to 2016

I have been very lazy about posting anything recently.
Teal however was launched around the 20th, we didn't want to leave her alongside to get scratched up so a quick check over and we motored off down river.
Baltimore wooden boat festival was on last weekend and for a change the weather was absolutely beautiful. And a great weekend was had.
We finally rigged Teal for her topsail which despite being an ill fitted sail we were able to put to use.
She showed her stuff on Saturday taking 2nd place in the Class B boats which is basically anyone who pits themselves against the Lobster boats and a very respectful 6th over the line overall.
The racing is taken lightly in Baltimore but its always nice to try our best.
We made a poor course choice on the Sunday which cost us time but nevertheless we got one of this years plaques for the collection.
Ken made a sail cover too which has worked out well and our new main is finally safe and sound.

Gaff ketch Sile a do & Cornish lugger Peel Castle

Lobster boats and a Mackerel boat

Mackerel boat An Run

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