Monday 8 May 2017

Launch day tomorrow

So its final bits of varnish and painting that needs to be done before launching but there are coats to be done when we are out on a nice dust free mooring.
Ken had to be back at school time today so I took the opportunity to treat the Apple Pie dinghy to some much needed TLC. It finally got some rubbing strips on the bow and stern albeit softwood, but after  three seasons it seemed to be that or nothing. It had also been covered in rust from angle grinding when left in the yard last year so it got a nice new coat of paint. Blue because its what I had. 
Engine cover got new paint and varnish as did the washboards, tiller handle and my oars.
Teal is looking pretty well now again so tomorrow it is mainly a case of getting the rest of the spars on and mainsail bent on.

Drifting of topic a little but I thought I'd show you round my shed and some of the various other bits I spend my time messing about with. It probably explains why I'm quite comfortable in Hegarty's yard.
The shed which is an old sheep shed has seen a lot of various uses and projects of every sort come and go. The biggest thing about all this stuff is that it was important enough to me to survive the   "the great Teal funding sell off of 2011-2014"
Or just worthless 

Yep! full of crap, but it is improving

The last year has seen this end becoming a workshop, The new floor is level, everything else is not.

The Salt bay skiff sitting on top of a strange little 8ft speed boat which given years and years ago. I may do it up for my kids at some point. Other things include piskie's sky light which we didn't use in the end and a big section of Teals original keel.

My beloved Jetta amidst an engine transplant

My 323 which has been waiting for a respray since 2010. I'll get there

And hiding over there is "Suzette". Shes not mine, just looking after her.

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