Tuesday 27 February 2018

Change of plan

Picture borrowed from facebook, Taken by Petre Riemers. Only one of her with the topsail

OK so we have come up with another plan which does not involve selling her.
I am going to build a tractor trailer capable of bringing her to my house.
There is plenty of room in my shed but I need to open up a doorway in the gable
which will be high enough to back her in.
There is a crane from time to time at Union hall pier so I am going to look in to the idea
of lifting her out there. We also need to locate our missing mooring which I failed to find last Summer and once that is done the plan is just to scale back our sailing ambitions to occasional day sailing and little over nighters in the hope that sooner or later, time off  and good weather coincide
whether it be this season or in a year or two and we can take her further a field.
What are we gaining ?
Well she would be indoors all Winter.
She will be outside my front door and under the same roof as the workshop.
We won't need to worry about getting round to Baltimore and up river etc come the end of the season.
If we really want to she could be mothballed for a season (the pitch pine shrinks very little)
and all the while the kids are getting older and what we can do changes.
We have spent a lot of money and the hard work is done.
So hopefully this will work out.

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