Friday 2 March 2012

Few bits done

Got a few bits made this week, deadwood, bowknee and mast step are
done and have gotten a coat of linseed oil. The piece I got for the
false keel had sapwood on one edge that I hadn't noticed so I'm going
to get another piece for it instead of messing about with it.
We went to the forge today as well and gave them a few photos of the
detail on the floors and a deposit so they'll be getting started soon.
Got one of the rotten keel bolts out of the ballast, one to go, and
Ken started cleaning down the ballast for painting.
Still no word on the keel timber, We can get a piece but its in
northern Ireland and not particularly cheap plus the cost of fuel so
we're holding off on it at the moment.
I am also about to order all the galvanized bolts and some of the
silicone screws off of .
So at least we're moving in the right direction.

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