Saturday 10 March 2012

Lead Poisoning

We've spent the last two days at the boat striping paint. Yesterday
we went burning it off but both felt pretty crap from the fumes after
even though it didn't seem that bad at the time.
Today we started with paint striper but that was useless so Ken, wearing
a proper mask went burning while I got on with a few jobs on
Providence. Standing outside of Teal today while Ken was burning I
could see why we might have felt sick, the fumes where terrible.
Last thing we did today was remove the worst sawn frame and
pull the bronze nails. They are in a brittle state but as the frames need
replacing the fastenings will be done in turn, Unfortunately there are
around 800 of them and there not cheap.

Charing on the planking was caused by the fire in the 50's

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