Friday 27 July 2012

Short on funds

Well theres loads to be done but after paying other bills this week there is
nothing left to continue with on my own and Ken hasn't had any free day
this week to help with the bigger jobs that need doing.
I need to get more aluminium primer to prime the new frames I have ready
before I can fit them and I need to get some epoxy for the plank end repairs.
I don't like the idea of using epoxy full stop and had no intention of using any
but having read about plank end repairs with it I can see its merits for that
particular job. I also need to get some half inch bar to make dumbs for the new
When Ken gets a chance to go down we will get some bolts through the floors
into the keel, finish the sternpost, bed the deadwood and sternknee and drill and
bolt the whole lot together, but that will be a good days work for two of us.
Hopefully the start of the week.

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