Friday 5 July 2013

Hot work

Well I have finished sanding the other mast which just needs a few finishing touches now.
I made a box for sanding it which I've seen used in some book or another. It held a piece
of sand paper about 18 inches long backed by a piece of roofing felt and later I filled
behind the felt with a strip of foam which I think helped. Thankfully I got the mast sanded
before the hottest of the weather we are expecting this week although it was still bloody
hot work and I still have the spars to do.
I had planned on using the orbital sander but it tended to eat into the softer grain and gave
an uneven finish so I bit the bullet and did it the hard way.
I also collected Teals deck yesterday, chamfered the edges and primed the under side. I
gave it a coat of gloss today and I may give it a second coat before I take it down to the
Monday I'm going to do the last few jobs that need doing before the deck goes on. Lodging
knees need to be bolted in, I need to clinch the top rivets which are down behind the beamshelf
as we can't get roves onto them and I need to repair the upper edge of one of the carlins.
Tuesday should see the deck go on with any luck.
Its going to be a sauna up on the deck if the forecast is anything to go by. Might have to remove
some of the tent if needs be.

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