Monday 8 July 2013

Day 1

Ok so I reckon 16 days work will get Teal afloat and I'm going to stick to the list and
try and get my set jobs each day finished.
So today :
Bolted in lodging knees
Bolted in mizzen mast step
Bolted through planking,transom frame,beam shelf.
Two tie rods where I changed the section on sheer strake
Fixed carlin
Made mast partner
Removed coachroof top and beams.

I hadn't intended on removing the beams but nothing other than the sheeting held them in place
so I'm going to strip them of paint and chamfer the edges so they don't hurt as much when I
bang my head.
Its really hot at the moment so I've opened up the ends of the tent, My mixed epoxy caught fire
and my drill batteries won't charge because there too hot, unusual problem to have here.

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