Sunday 22 December 2013

Teal's 100th

I haven't made any progress over the last week or two really so I have little to show for it.
I've been putting coats of undercoat on the interior frame work and sanding varnish off the other spars
but the the weather at the moment is awful. There was a bit of a lull today so I went down to check the
boats were ok before it starts up again.

Percy Woodcocks book "Looking astern" contains a chapter about Teal (Little Pal) in which he writes
" I can't rightly remember if they laid Little Pals keel before or after the turn of the new year of 1914 ".
So within a week or two she will officially be one hundred years old.

The bottle of whiskey Andy Rankin sent me last year has not quite lasted to Teals launch but it has soothed my colds and flus from long days in the boatyard quite well over the year, Ken had his first, and the last glass of it the other night. Thanks again Andy.

So heres a few pics from today.

Just minor jobs and a bit of finishing on the interior and the restoration will be complete.

Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year to all & thank you for following.


  1. Hi, Adrian. Congratulations on Teal's 100th anniversary. All your new work looks lovely in the photos. I haven't spoken to you before but something just made me check the 'Net and see where Teal's got to. I helped Andy R a bit with his previous restoration and North Sea crossing in 2004 (I grafted the new foot into the mast -- hope that's still sound) and am delighted she looks like she'll go to sea again. What's that, an engine going back in? Oh, OK, sensible! :-)

    All the very best. Julian Foad.

  2. Hi Julian, I recognised the name from reading about Andys voyage. Fair play to you both. It seems mad that we bought her 2 full years ago and have yet to sail an inch. Its so close now though that I am quite excited. She came very close to destruction after Andy sold her but now she should have a long life ahead of her again. The repair you did on the mainmast is still good, Unfortunately the top half had issues so it has become a bowsprit for another boat and the only piece I have left in the shed is the bit you repaired. I made a full new main mast for her. The engine, yea if the restoration hadn't been so big she may have stayed without one but as she had one originally I was happy enough to refit one. Also my sailing experience probably isn't up to going engineless just yet ( lots of sharp rocks ).
    Thanks for getting in touch, I have a huge interest in the boats history so its great to hear from anyone who played their part with her.
    Cheers, Adrian