Wednesday 1 January 2014

Christmas break

So its been a more eventful holiday this year, We've had a funeral, our dog disappeared, the car broke down. We've had the worst storms in 16 years and sick kids for New Years. I thought 2013 had gone
well considering it was 13 but guess the last week made up for it.
Anyway its not all bad, between it all I managed to get all the varnish off all the spars, the base off the mizzen had various bits scarfed in previously, one off which had started to rot so I ended up scarfing the top of the
old main mast into the base of the mizzen and got the first coat of varnish on them all yesterday.

The repaired mizzen mast

The reefing gear had some kind of silver paint on it which made it look stainless, It was quite convincing but the worm gear was clearly bronze, so its now all sanded back to bronze

Teal's wrought Iron crooked tiller.

I planed up all the Douglas Fir I had left from the masts to make the doors that will go under the side deck on either side of the cabin. I had just enough for the six doors. I cut them all to length and tenoned them all today, I've now glued up the panels as well so hopefully I should be ready to assemble the doors tomorrow
and get them all ready for varnish. They will be fitted into satin white framing.

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