Tuesday 11 February 2014


So I said the other day that I had a few bits on the way. One has arrived and it is my enamel washbowl
which I'm going to use as a sink. I was scratching my head trying to figure out what to use and what might
have been used a 100 years ago. Copper or bronze would be the obvious choice but I didn't want to spend a fortune just on a sink and I'm not planning on plumbing a drain anyway. So this will just be cut into a worktop and lifted out to empty it.
Stainless steel was just appearing when Teal was built so I have tried to avoid it. I kept the stainless things such as the traveller and the swivel on the end of the boom as it would be madness to replace them with lesser galvanised ones and the hob which I'm waiting for is also stainless but it has a lot of plus points.
I got the other bits back for being galvanised but it seems like they only got a very short acid bath before being dipped, I had electric wire brushed them and they had told me that the acid would remove everything but it didn't, Most of the stuff is fairly acceptable but the Gaff saddle looks a bit rough and will need wire brushing and painting to make it pretty.

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