Friday 14 February 2014

Side panel frames

I got the side panel frames made up today, they just need painting and I can fit the locker doors. I made all the bunk top sheeting into hatches so they can be hinged and accessed easily.
I made up the engine cover yesterday and test fitted it today and finished off the panel in front of the engine. I've brought them all home for varnishing and painting.
I also fitted the new plates on the beam shelf for the beaching legs a plumbed the fuel tank to the engine.
There was still no electric at the boatyard following the recent storms so it was a bit dark, We hung an extra tarp over the cockpit the other day as the tent has completely given up the ghost and its raining just as much inside, I'm looking forward to taking it down now but however miserable it is to work in there at least I can still get on with it despite the weather.

I need to make up a trim to cover the top edge of the framing.


  1. It very entertaining to read your blog, having a falmouth myself. I like your cabin layout. Where will the galley be? Keep up the posts.

    1. Hi, Thank you. The galley will consist of the two raised sections forward of the main berths, Sink to the left of the of the access to the forecabin and the cooker to the right when looking forward. The locker doors which will close under the side decks will open down to create an extended worktop on either side. The original layout had the galley ( and Bucket ) in the fore cabin but that seems a little awkward and somewhat unhygienic. Plenty of posts to come now in the final stretch. Thanks for following