Wednesday 5 March 2014

Final day undercover

So the plan is to take the tent down on Friday. I want the cover for my other boat so I can get on with some fiberglass work on the deck and I need to be able to get at Teals bow and stern for the last few jobs. I've bought the iroko for the new rudder so once the boat is out I can measure things up and fit the pintles.
Today I did the last few things to make her water tight. I've hinged the forehatch and fitted the latches, finished the cap on the bow, fitted a drain between the cockpit coamings to shed water from the coachroof (Teals coachroof leans back which is bit of a pain) That still needs to be piped to a skin fitting.
I also varnished up the washboard and hatch coamings and fitted the washboards and finally I made the beaching legs.
I've given them a coat of primer and before I bolt them in I'm going to tack carpet along where they touch the hull. All I need to do now is buy a small cover to cover the cockpit, My fitted cockpit cover may well be ready I just haven't heard anything yet. I'll have to follow up on it tomorrow.
So on Friday evening I'll finally get to stand back and take a look :)

The deck is filthy with dust but it won't be long getting a good rinse.

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