Saturday 13 December 2014

So kid's, bubbles and my laptop haven't mixed well so once again I'm without all my photos and everything. I'm getting properly stuck into a house renovation for the winter and i find this a good  time of year to cover up the boats and leave them well alone until the spring, although my charter boat has yet to be lifted out. I have quite a list of things to do to teal before next season but most of it is next to impossible while the covers are on anyway. I'll just have to stock pile with timber, varnish and paint in the mean time. The first thing i will do is give the mast 2 more coats of varnish and have it stepped so i can put up a boom tent to make work possible but that won't  be for a few months yet. I've been reading a few books which i found really good so if your looking for some holiday reading and old boats are your thing then   "tales from a cornish lugger " and its sequel "more tales from a cornish lugger" i would  highly recommend. The second book is mainly based aboard the lugger 'Ibis' which has been sailing around here in the last couple of seasons.                                            

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