Wednesday 12 August 2015

Glandore - Baltimore - Horseshoe harbour

With a forecast for calm weather we grabbed the opportunity to get Teal round to Baltimore in time for the Gathering of the boats, I also blagged a night away so I had all today to sail as well.
Yesterday started fine but we were soon motoring into a very light but very cold head wind. We ended up motoring against the tide for its entirety. Ken's brought a few guests as we expected it to be sunny and pleasant but they ended up hiding in the cabin from the cold.
We got to sail the final mile into Baltimore were I dropped them off. My plan had been to head on to South Harbour but it was later than planned and I was cold and hungry so Horseshoe it was.
We had a great encounter with Dolphins earlier in the day with a large group staying with us for at least 20 minutes, They seem to like staying under the dinghy and one was hanging around right behind the prop, presumably enjoying the turbulence.

Pics from Horseshoe harbour


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