Saturday 19 May 2012

More frames

Fitted four more frames today, Left one doubler out as I wasn't happy
with it so I cut a new one when I got home.
I ran short of paint the last day so I'll get some more and finish those
sections and give the frames a second coat the next day I'm down there.

That puts an end to framing until we get the new floors.
I might cut out the transom soon and the remains of the stern post to
make way for the new stern post, my main concern is the wind coming
up the river and blowing right through the boat, drying it from the inside
out but I guess a piece of ply would sort that problem.

A clue as to whats happening inside

I regretted not taking a picture before refastening these to show how much of a step there was in the planking.

The end of the old keel with the sternpost tenon and dowel removed

Cross section of the old keel, I was surprised at the cut of timber used. Same cut as the first keel timber we bought which was no use.

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