Friday 18 May 2012

No floors

After two months without hearing anything from the blacksmiths about the
new floors, three unreturned phone calls and it turning out that the blacksmith
wouldn't be back from holidays for another two weeks we have collected
our deposit and templates and must now find another forge to make them.
Its going to slow things down a bit because there is no way we can remove
anymore frames without replacing some floors and the keel, which is now
ready needs to be bolted to them.
Another piece we desperately need is a stern knee so we can cut the
deadwood bolts and get them treaded. If I had those I could in fact bolt
the stern knee, the deadwood, keel and false keel together before it even
goes to the boat.
Heavy though.


  1. I've been following you blog with great interest and am sorry to hear about your problems with the floor castings.
    I just thought that you might be interested in a friend of mine, Carl Huxley, who does castings, including bronze, in Bradford, West Yorkshire, UK.
    He can be found at

  2. Hi Mike,
    Thank you very much, glad someone is interested in our venture and ramblings.
    As for the floors I'm hoping to get them locally and have spoken to another blacksmith about it, meeting him on Monday to go through it.
    I will certainly check out your friends site though as some one who can make castings may well come in very handy sooner or later.