Friday 3 August 2012

Bolting it all together

Ken and myself went down last Tuesday and took out the sternpost and
deadwood for the final time, we drilled all the holes for the deadwood bolts
and cut the stern post to take the transom, we then bedded it all in a mix
of linseed putty and aluminium primer, apparently a great substitute for
red lead. We drove in the first two deadwood bolts but because I had repainted
the deadwood, knee and keel my marks had been covered up so we didn't know
exactly where to drill which meant the lengths were slightly off.
No big deal, it just meant the plug holes in the base of the false keel were slightly
shallow and then we were rained out so had to leave it.
I went back down today and after an hour or two with my head under the keel
I managed to chisel them out and get the nuts and washers on and tighten it
all up, then I gave it all another lick of primer,
so finally she's getting much stronger.


New. It will need a final fairing off when shes nearly ready but for now it can shrink away.

A reminder of just how big a draft she has

Cut out the laminated stem last week, A nice traditional grown oak one will be put in its place.

The apron will also be coming out shortly and this array of fastenings have got to go.

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