Wednesday 27 March 2013

Parafin & boiled oil

I set the rest of the steamed ribs aside until the next day Ken is free to fit them with me
and went about getting the hull ready for oil.
Teal has been drying out a lot over the last couple of weeks which is going to become a
problem very shortly when it comes to caulking, so we have been advised to soak her as
often as possible with a mix of parafin and boiled linseed oil.
The problem with this is it will prevent any gluing or sanding that needs to be done so the
that must be done first.
I put in all the fastenings I needed to eliminate the stepping in the hull which had been caused
by failed fastenings ( something to look for when buying an old carvel boat ) Then I fared and
sanded one complete side of the hull. Next I need to sand the other side, fit a few butt blocks
and I'll be ready to start oiling.
The mast timber also arrived at the yard so I brought home some of it including one 20ft lenght,
I'll get the rest on Saturday.

I recently invested in a charter angling boat to replace my previous boat Providence
which I sold late last year. One boat at least needs to make some money. Unfortunately she
also required a pretty major refit so that has taken a lot of my time over the last two months.
Thankfully it is starting to come together and I'm hoping to get her closer to home in the next
couple of weeks and be free to step up the pace of work on Teal and have her ready for
Glandore regatta.

Glad I didn't get stopped.

Old growth Douglas fir from Brooks Bro Ltd in the UK

My Charter boat the 'Boy Scott'

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