Wednesday 20 March 2013

Ribs & riveting

We had a go at steaming in the ribs today and our first go a riveting. We steamed the
first 4 ribs for an hour, three worked fine but one cracked, the next four we tried two
cracked so we were advised to steam them for two hours instead of one, this definitely
worked better although we had one more break. We will probably use the steam pipe
the yard uses for the rest. They actually boil the ribs in water which gets them much
hotter. We put in nine in total and have seven to go
We had a go at a few random rivets and then decided to completely fasten one rib
which went well but we need to get a proper dolly.
The last few dry days have dried Teal out quite a bit just as we're nearly ready for caulking
so we've been advised to start soaking her regularly with parafin and linseed oil mix to
try and get her to take up, only problem with this is we need to sand her first and for that
we need to get a lot more fastenings in so we will probably start by soaking the inside first.

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