Saturday 30 March 2013


Another hard day of sanding today but we are getting there.
We also fitted the few butt blocks that were required and filled any small splits, knots
or damage with a bit of epoxy, Another half  a day of sanding and we should be ready
to oil it. I'm going to concentrate on Teal this week so that she is at least protected from
shrinking further so I can try and finish the other boat the following week.
I am hoping to fit the stop waters, fasten the steamed ribs to the keel and finally fit the
garboards and if Ken is free for a day, get the rest of the steamed ribs fitted.
We also brought home the rest of the mast timber so when we get the chance I will start
preparing it.

Bit distorted but it shows how nice the pitch pine planking is considering its a hundred years old 

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