Monday 10 June 2013

Finished with ribs

The dry weather has come to an end so I was able to go ahead and steam the last few ribs
in. I soaked the Oak for a few days first as it was seasoned oak and then boiled them in water
in the steam pipe for two hours before bending them in. They actually bent easier than the
green oak ones we put in before but that could be down to the fact I used a gas torch to
heat the pipe this time and it was easy to keep it regulated.
That is the first three went in easily, the last one nearly killed me. I could have called for help
but the first three had led me on. The last one had only been steamed for an hour and a bit and
it took me awhile to get the bottom of it wedged down beside the stern knee by which time it
had cooled and I should have given up.
I didn't, and it wasn't showing any signs of cracking so I kept going and got it eventually. I
literally had steam coming out of my wellingtons when I took them off after. It wasn't pretty.
I also got the lodging knees ready to fit and the sole board bearers made and fitted over the last
few days. So now I just need rivets and I can get the last seams caulked and puttied.
My camera battery died just as I went to take pics so heres some of Glandore instead.
Teal will be kept in Union Hall across the harbour.

Glandore bay

Union Hall from Glandore side

Adam & Eve Islands at the harbour mouth

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