Wednesday 5 June 2013

Its all coming together

I've been busy puttying with the last few days. I've gone as far as I can now until I get the
ribs and rivets sorted. She has swallowed up 12kgs of putty so far and will probably need
another 3 by the time I'm finished. Its a bit tiring on the hands but a reasonably pleasant job.
I got hold of some Oak for the rest of the ribs today as well so I have just finished preparing
It is seasoned timber and will be hard to bend so I have put them inside of some gutter pipes
(that thankfully I've been too lazy to put on the house) for a few days to soak before I steam
them. I will probably break some but I'll get there eventually.
I really have the end in sight now, unfortunately I think money will be the only reason to miss
Glandore. If I could afford the decking and the rivets I could start on that next week while I
wait for the putty to dry but as it happens I can not.
I could order the rivets tomorrow but I am going to do the sensible thing and get the glue for
the mast this week instead.
I have a various other jobs I can get on with while I'm broke anyway such as new backing
blocks for the chain plates and beaching legs, concrete for around the deadwoods, sole board
bearers and refit the mizen mast step and rudder skeg, the list goes on !!
Although I probably won't make Glandore I think it will only be because she has to go to sea
to get there and I won't risk her out if I don't think shes ready, I do however have every intention
of getting her afloat in early July so I am going to keep the pressure on.

The corner that pains me, I have to take 5 steps backwards to finish it

Some late evening planing shows the pressure is on

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