Friday 14 June 2013

Primed inside

Trying to make a round window fit in a larger square hole, I had to put in a backing piece to make it a good strong repair. I will plain it and sand it flush the next day and cut out the other half of the circle for the new deadlight. I've hated those rectangle deadlights since the day we bought her so I'm glad they are gone.

Sole board bearers, The two in the foreground are higher than the rest. They are beneath the companion way so when you stand there your head is just about out the hatch, They also make the floor wide enough for the companionway steps to sit on and the will also house the electric bilge pumps.

I sanded out the rest of the interior today and finished grey priming it all so its all nice and uniform and ready for undercoat. I'm going to use Danboline bilge paint on the bilge. I know theres mixed feelings on painting bilges in wooden boats as opposed to oiling them but her bilge will be shallow so I'm just going to opt for sealing it with paint

Andy Rankins mizzen mast step, Perfectly good and ready to be bolted in.

Lodging knees ready to be bolted in

Ribs steamed in ready for riveting, Rivets are on the way so should be pressing on with that in the middle of next week which means I can finish the last bit of caulking and putty.

Some of the deck beams are primed, will be finishing them very shortly along with the rest of the ribs.

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