Friday 13 September 2013

Engine reassembly

Ok so I got a quote on some gaskets and shims for the engine and was about to order them
but when everything was included they suddenly seemed quite expensive.
I wanted 2 x 50 thou head gaskets and 3 x 5 thou shims. What I ended up with instead was
2 x 60 thou gaskets. I went ahead and followed the seemingly counter intuitive recommendations
in the manual.
Basically to find out your bump clearance they say to place some lead wire on the piston, put
in your new head gasket and torque the engine head, turn the engine over, then remove the heads
again and measure the wire which is suppose to be between 26 and 30 thou.
Seems very odd to compress the gasket then remove it again.
Anyway I measured the wire (piece of solder) and one cylinder was fine but the other had 38 thou
clearance. The solution is to have the cylinder barrel skimmed further but thankfully I managed to get
hold of a 50 thou gasket locally for the offending cylinder and that solved the problem.
I carried on and reassembled the rest of the engine, gave it an oil change and its now ready to test run
so hopefully that should be that.

The pieces of solder after being compressed

I don't have a micrometer so I had to use a vernier calipers which I then checked with a feeler gauge

Gaskets on with a little sealant around the water journals

Heads torqued and valve clearances set, It seems mad that the head bolts only get torqued to 22 lb ft.
In comparison the ones on the Boy Scott's engine are around 170 ft lbs, although there is somewhat of a size difference

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