Monday 23 September 2013

Stern tube blocks and deck fittings

I got the piece of iroko to make the block to carry the stern tube this morning so I spent
most of the day getting that to seat nicely against the hull. I worked on the lower piece first
and got it to just touch the twine and fixed it temporarily in place. I then marked the line
of the shaft on it and fitted the top half.
I'm going to route out the two halves now for the tube before I glue them together. This should
be very accurate and it will save me the hassle of trying to drill it when its in place which I don't
fancy having to do.
I finally got round to refitting the deck fittings as well and Phil brought me in a prop which is a
better fit so I went ahead and bought it. Its a two blade and in much better condition than the
other one.

I will shave as much off it as possible once the tube has been fitted in it.

I need to make another little teak block for the end of the highfield lever to rest on or it might end up damaging the canvas

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