Friday 13 September 2013

Few days at home

This week I needed to catch up a little with some of the major stuff for Teal and I was running
out of things to do at the yard without the iroko for the cockpit.
First of all I started gluing up the mast which is now just one piece short of complete.
I also got hold of sterngear ( shaft, prop, stern tube & fittings plus an engine remote ) so fitting
that will be the next big job.
The head gaskets arrived for the engine so I rebuilt that today, I'll write a post for that but it is
now ready to test run and all going well I'll take it to the yard.
I began restoring the companionway hatch as well, sanded it, repaired it, gave it a coat of varnish
and raked out the seams in it and resealed it. Just needs a few more coats of varnish now and it
can go back on .

Nice to be working on Teals one now, Its 34' 3", about 5ft longer than the other one I made

These are the spar clamps I made, Very simple, very cheap and they do the job perfectly

Refilling the seams

The prop is 13 inch, Hopefully the shaft and tube are long enough, I know the prop will be a horrible drag of a thing stuck on the side of the boat but if I get it all set up it will be easy to change to some kind of folding prop in future

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