Thursday 24 April 2014

Launch day is looming

Spent the evening completing little jobs.
First thing I did was to get a plumb line and mark where to drill through the mast partners, Cut them out and fixed on the chocks.
I fitted the chainplates for the bobkin shrouds, Gloss painted the rudder stock, the transom, the stem and touched up a few other areas.
Drilled and fitted a breather to the fuel tank and clipped the fuel line and engine loom up out of the way and fitted a step in front of the engine cover.
I'm hoping that most jobs will be finished by the end of next week so that we can move her up the yard and start rigging.
We were hoping to launch her on the 5th but now I have to be elsewhere on the 6th so it will probably be the following week. The shrouds are still waiting to be collected so I need to follow up on that tomorrow and see about getting her insurance survey done.

I need to trim down the top of the rudder stock and make a metal cap or band for it to give it extra support .

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