Wednesday 16 April 2014


Ok so just when loads should be happening there seems to be very little getting done. I have been busy working so I can't complain too much. Thankfully the little bits and pieces I've done over the last few weeks have shortened the to do list quite a bit so we're not in bad shape.
We only needed to buy and fit one more vital part to make Teal a functioning boat and that was the morse cables. I bought a set of 33c cables but the old fashion remote was designed for 44c type so a bit of fettling was needed. The remote was accessible enough when I put it there but not so much now that the boat has an interior, but I eventually got it all setup and working nicely.
I plumbed in the seawater intake for the engine cooling and plumbed the electric bilge pump as well as running the wires for the nav lights, the fore cabin light and the depth sounder. So thats the wiring nearly complete. I just need to clip all the cables in place and wire up the panel.
I picked up the threaded rods for through bolting the rudder as well so I'm hoping to get it glued up tomorrow.

So this was the access I had, It was enough to remove the remote and get it back in with the cables attached. I don't really have anyone else to blame to be fair. 

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