Tuesday 8 April 2014

One down

The Boy Scott went back in the water yesterday so now I can get something done. 
I took all the rigging screws and blocks off of the shrouds and forestays, the old standing rigging is being taken away on Wednesday to be copied. He is going to make them up minus the lower eyes which he will swage in when the mast is standing. The rigging screws are soaking in diesel for a while before I try freeing them up.
I tried to tread the rudder through bolts myself but it was too heavy for the die set I was using so I handed them in to the guy who made the keel bolts to have them threaded. 
I also caulked the top seam in the transom and the ends of the shear strake which I couldn't get to in the tent. Ken has bought a power cut off switch and a switch panel and I picked up a reasonably large electric bilge pump and float switch and some other bits and pieces for the wiring so that will all be fitted shortly. 

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