Sunday 1 March 2015

Its an all time low for the blog at the moment but I haven't as much as set eye's on Teal in weeks.
I did have a dream (nightmare) last night that she was horribly dried out and they were angle-grinding next to to her and covering her in rust. Thats probably based on the fact that they have covered the Boy Scott in rust and I have some serious cleaning to do.
Its nearly time to get the charter boat ready to go so I will be making my way to the yard in the next week or two. I still have no word on the sails, I told them to go ahead with the Main and Mizzen and I'll hold off on the staysail for another season, it's probably time to chase them up on the others though.
Ken sent me a link to another project boat for sale in the UK, I have to admit if I wasn't so utterly broke, not to mind up to my eyeballs in the house project I would have already been to check her out.
There would definitely be a few years work in it but she ticks a lot of boxes. Not that I am in any rush to change from Teal but I do love messing about with boats.

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