Saturday 28 March 2015

Skiff Day 2

Jess was heading out for the morning and I was stuck indoors with the kids so seeming as its hard to get time for the skiff build I figured it was fair enough to bring it inside the house :D
To be fair it was just so I could get the marking out done. That's time consuming but a nice clean job so perfect for indoors.
This afternoon I managed to get the frames glued up, cut out the floor and glue the bow section on. I also cut out the aft two thirds of the hull side and found a piece to make the transom out of. The transom piece was just a little short in height but only enough to mean the top had to be cut square instead of arched.
I cut and glued on the transom frame and left the top proud so that I can make the arch in solid timber timber to make up for the slack ply.
I glued that much with polyurethane glue as I had it and its less messing than mixing small amounts of epoxy. I will probably use the epoxy for the assembly.
The only thing I'm short now to get it all put together is the piece of 6mm ply to finish the side panels.

For the record (Kids, Unhelpful)

This is possibly as easy as boat building gets.

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