Friday 24 August 2012

Epoxy and transom frame

It seems every time I drive my old land rover I end up with carpal tunnel
syndrome so I haven't been able to do anything too heavy for the past day
or two.
I went down to the yard Tuesday and Wednesday evenings and started the
epoxy plank end repairs which are working out very nicely. One side aft is
finished and the hood ends just need sanding and priming. The aft side
starboard still needs the fastenings removing and epoxying.
I removed the front fastenings with a special tool I through together to avoid
trying to hammer them out and stressing the fastenings further back. Worked
pretty well so I will put up a picture of it later.
Yesterday I went and got another lump of Oak to make the top half of the
apron but haven't done anymore with that yet.
Today I cut out the transom frames and too more lower futtocks. I didn't
finish any of the edges as I can't use a spoke shave for a few days.
I'm hoping to finish with the plank ends tomorrow.

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