Wednesday 8 August 2012

Loads to do

Got another pair of frames fitted, bolted the floor to them, bolted two of the
floors through the keel, I reamed out the remaining deadwood bolt holes as
the bolts we fitted the last day were pretty tight and fitted the last three long bolts.
Planning on getting the Oak for the stem tomorrow if I can and also got started
on the transom.

This is a reference for any future drilling in the transom, Galvanised dumbs 6 inches long will keep it together

Just the end of the frame I put in today

All new and bolted up

Stern knee with all deadwood bolts in, Although we will probably run the drive shaft through the side of the hull to keep the strength of the sternknee and post, I have left room for it to be bored for a sterntube if needs be.

Long reamer made from 12mm steel bar with the end flatted like a wing bit. Did the trick

Sternpost all bolted up

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