Sunday 12 August 2012

Stem and transom

Plenty to write about these days, We went to the sawmill and picked out an oak
log we had spotted a few months ago which is the perfect curve for the stem and
apron, so we had it cut into 6inch thick planks. The stem will be finished at
4 and a half inches wide but the apron will be kept as wide as possible so we
will just have to pick and choose from the planks we have. We also got enough
extra oak to finish out the framing.
The transom has been put together and is ready for the edge bevels and transom
frames. I have made it with galvanised dumbs and caulking bevels as Liam
suggested but also ran a bead of stickaflex along the inner side of the joint to give
it an extra flexable seal. If I hadn't bought stickaflex for sealing the floor and
deadwood bolts I would have just used the bedding putty on the transom.
Next thing to do will be to cut out the rest of the stem and apron and start the
plank end repairs fore and aft in preperation for fitting the transom and new
apron. Also once the apron is out I need to take an accurate template of the
curve of the stem. I will have to work on the stem at the boatyard as theres
nothing to copy it from and 6inch thick oak will require their big bandsaws
to cut.
Its one of the jobs I'm really looking forward to doing, I always liked the tricky
time consuming jobs even when working as a joiner. Its alot more interesting
making a winding staircase or a arched window than a load of doors and

Drilling the holes for the dumbs perfectly square and in exactly the right place so they line up takes a bit of care. The wet marks are wood preservative squeezing out of the dumb holes, the book I have says to make sure there soaked with it.

The inside face of it still has the counter top varnish on it, will be striped and painted shortly.

Outside face with caulking bevels. Ready for edge bevels

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