Wednesday 8 May 2013


I finally made a start on caulking today, Only managed to do two seams but I'll be getting better
at it and I know where to find the caulking irons now. Its hard on the hands when your not used to it.
I'll prepare some of my cotton at home before I go at it again so at least I won't have to go
messing with that while I'm there.
I got a 5 minute tutorial from Phil before I started and Liam and Leo gave me some tips later so I'll
hopefully know what I'm doing soon.
Anyway I'm happy with what I did and I didn't burst the inside of any planks or anything so, so far
so good.
When I have to open tight seams for caulking there is parafin squeezing out of the planks which I'm
glad to see. Nice to know it is indeed soaking in and not just money evaporating into thin air.

These are the plank edges I added either side to make up for the open seams

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