Wednesday 22 May 2013

Various bits and pieces

I've been a bit held up this week due to some mechanical issues on my charter boat
but never the less we got a bit done.
Ken was free on Saturday so we riveted to remaining ribs on the starboard side, We
are short 4 ribs so I'm going to try and find some american white oak tomorrow for
that, I'm also short about 200 rivets, I don't know if I lost a box of them or whether I
ever had them so they need to be got asap also. I need the rest of the ribs in before I
can caulk the starboard rear quarter.
Today I fared of the planks above the garboards and caulked the port garboard and
up the stem. I also put in around a 100 silicone bronze screws where they were needed.
When we fitted the new sawn frames, some were just fitted with 1 screw per plank in
case the plank had to be changed, Thats pretty much it for screw fastenings now thank
God. Friday we will hopefully be back steaming ribs.

Baltimore wooden boat festival is on this weekend, I had hoped Teal would be ready for
it when I wrote a post this time last year, We're not quite there yet but we're a hell of a lot
closer. She has come a long way over the last 12 months.
If anyone is looking for something to do over the weekend Baltimore promises to be a good
one and its also the West Cork food festival so lots of delicious food and drinks to be had.
Teal won't be there but I certainly will :)

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