Friday 24 May 2013

Mass exodus.

I just caulked a few starboard seams today, I just stopped short of the missing ribs aft as
I still didn't get hold of any, I priced some American white oak this morning and it was 
extortionate so I need a new plan. 
The yard was a hive of activity today with everyone preparing to head down river 
on this evenings tide for the festival tomorrow. I'm crewing on Ann Again tomorrow and
Sunday so I will try and get some pics of the goings on. I'm looking forward to some 

This arrived as I was leaving, I assume shes here for the festival, Looks brand new and the craftsmanship looks  impeccable. A quick google of her and it turns out she was project  built in 2012 in Co. Clare and is a Shannon Hooker, the first one to sail in over a century.  So she fits in well with the Currach and Galway hooker to her right.

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