Sunday 27 July 2014

Crookhaven to Baltimore

We had a very comfortable night in Crookhaven, the weather was calm when we woke up with a slack Southeasterly expected so we hauled the anchor and motored out of the harbour at a reasonable time this time. We could have tacked for Cape Clear again but we were interested in going through Long Island sound which meant motoring for 4 miles and in the Man of War sound. Once in the sound I put up the sails with Ken giving me doubtful looks, but to spite him we actually picked up enough of a breeze to keep us moving in the right direction. Soon enough we were making 4kts all the way up the sound, past Schull and up inside Castle Island. We rounded Castle Island bar and through a very shallow channel between Castle Island and Horse Island. We had about a foot under the keel at one point. By sailing inside of Long Island and Castle Island you get about 8 miles of very sheltered water sailing. With a shallow draft you could continue on inside Horse Island and over the drying Horse Island bar which would give you another mile or two. We continued on out through Gascanane and east along the outside of Sherkin back into Baltimore. Teal is now in Baltimore for a while to aid sailing West abit. We had planned on heading on around the Mizen head and on as far a Castletownbere but the wind just wasn't playing ball so that had to go on hold.
If I can get enough consecutively free days with suitable weather I would love to get up as far as Skellig Michael this season but we will play it by ear.

Motoring East, Crookhaven astern

Entering Man of War sound

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