Friday 18 July 2014

Wonderful Apple Pie

Just got back yesterday after a few days sailing and just before the massive thunderstorms last night.
I'll write a post about the whole thing soon.
I had a bit of a rush to have the Apple Pie dinghy ready in time to go, but I thought we were going to lose it the first day out when ended up somewhere we shouldn't have been, It put Teal seriously to the test and we thought the dinghy didn't stand a chance but it came through without taking even a drop of water. If you are looking to build a small dinghy to tow this one is seriously well behaved.
Its a quick little boat to row and quite comfortable with 2 people on board, A little wobbly to get in and out of but then it is tiny. Its also very light and can be lifted by one person with a little effort.

I just took a complete guess at where to fit the rowlock mounts, I need to move the back ones back about 6 inches so I can sit a little further back when I'm on my own to lift the flat bow a little higher out of the water. With two on board I can sit all the way forward.

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