Thursday 31 July 2014

Family trip

Loading up at the pier in Baltimore 

We took Teal for a family trip to see how it would go down with the kids, The wind never really let up for the 3 days so the sailing was a bit more lively than I would have liked with them onboard. Never the less we visited Crookhaven & Schull again and spent a night in Rossbrin looking for shelter, Rossbrin was very comfortable and once we had reached low tide at 2am I was able to relax knowing we weren't going to sit too hard. We co-operated with the tide on day 2 and 3 because the wind was strong enough that I didn't want to risk being in the wrong place coming on to spring tides. We made 5.5kts from Crookhaven to schull at slack water under just Mizzen and Mainsail and I sailed from Rossbrin to Baltimore under the same. I was essentially single handing so it made life a little easier, especially with buggies and the occasional kid in the cockpit. 

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